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he_3.jpg (42372 bytes) Hesston set of 1st six tractors: 980,980DT,1180, 1180DT, 1180 w/duals, 1180DT w/ duals    $75.00
Purchase tractor models shown in picture above separately Hesston

1180 w/ duals----------
    1180DT w/ duals--------
DT means tractor has front assist

he_4.jpg (17383 bytes) Hesston 130-90   $10.00
he_5.jpg (18321 bytes) Hesston 130-90DT   $10.00
he_6.jpg (19331 bytes) Hesston 130-90 w/ duals   $11.00
he_7.jpg (18861 bytes) Hesston 130-90DT w/ duals   $16.00
he_8.jpg (17754 bytes) Hesston 100-90   $15.00
he_9.jpg (15504 bytes) Hesston 100-90DT   $15.00
Hesston 80-90 tractor, made by Ertl, very hard to find!   out
Hesston 180-90 w/ duals, plastic tires by Ertl, Rare!   out
Hesston Hauling set w/ tractors, Hard to find!   out
he_10.jpg (22457 bytes) Hesston 100-90 loader Amana 1986   $12.00
he_11.jpg (28654 bytes) Hesston 180-90 FWA 1987 Show $10.00
he_12.jpg (27732 bytes) Hesston 1180 turbo w/ duals and lights 1/5000    $17.00
he_23.jpg (17667 bytes) Hesston 180-90 DT Husker Harvest Days 1989   $14.00
Fiat F110 tractor w/ front assist, 1994 farm show   out
Fiat F110 tractor w/ front assist, 1993 farm show   $16.00
Fiat F110 tractor w/ front assist, 1992 farm show   $16.00
Fiat F110 tractor w/ front assist, 1991 farm show   $19.00
Fiat F110 tractor w/ front assist, Hard to find   $22.00
Fiat F110 show tractor


Fiat F110 tractor w/ front assist comes in plain white box $25.00
Fiat F130 tractor w/ front assist comes in plain white box, Extremely hard to find! $45.00
Hesston 8400 Self propelled swather, very hard to find! $38.00 $44.00
Hesston Flatbed delivery truck w/ brown bed,  This is the only brand Ertl used a brown bed on and is very hard to find! $45.00
Hesston Dealership pickup w/ trailer and skid loader, very hard to find!   out
Hesston SL30 Skid loader, hard to find!   $18.00
Hesston Haying set, 5 pieces and bales, old version   $25.00
Hesston haying set w/ 1340 mower, 565A round baler & hay rake, New!   $15.00
Agco Hesston 3986, 16 wheel hay rake $14.00
Hesston Large square inline baler, custom made w/ Hesston decals, very nice! $33.00  
he_13.jpg (20107 bytes) Hesston Hayrack    $10.00
Hesston hayrack, all brown and comes in Hesston package   $9.00
Hesston Bale processor   $13.00
he_14.jpg (28318 bytes) Hesston Wing disk    $10.00
Hesston Square baler, white pickup, Very Rare! Mint card!

This is the hardest 1/64 implement to find of all of them!

Hesston Square baler model 4600, hard to find!   $25.00
Hesston Manure Spreader    out
Hesston Grain Auger out  
Hesston 565 baler, hard to find!   $14.00
Hesston 565A Round Baler    $12.00
he_16.jpg (25909 bytes) Hesston Forage Chopper    $13.00
Hesston Forage wagon- slanted roof   $13.00
Hesston Forage Wagon-old package w/ flat roof    out
he_17.jpg (20884 bytes) Hesston 1340 Haybine, very hard to find!   $18.00
he_18.jpg (26500 bytes) Hesston Minimum Tillage Plow   $16.00
Hesston manure spreader-brown   $9.00
  Hesston Manure spreader, brown gear, says Hesston on card   $8.00
Hesston Dry fert. spreader w/ black gear   $12.00
Hesston Auger wagon with brown stripe & black gear   $11.00
Hesston liquid manure spreader w/ brown stripes & black gear   $12.00
Hesston dry fert. spr. brown gear   $15.00
he_20.jpg (18764 bytes) Hesston Auger Wagon   $8.00
Hesston liquid manure spreader w/ stripes   $10.00
Hesston liquid manure spreader   $10.00
he_21.jpg (19127 bytes) Hesston Anhydrous Ammonia tank   $12.00
Hesston Anhydrous ammonia tank by Ertl   $13.00
Hesston Flatbed trailer, brown   $12.00
he_22.jpg (22633 bytes) Hesston Flatbed Trailer, white   $13.00


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