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All Farm Toys 1/64 unless noted Brand Description Mint New In Pack
  New Holland 4wd tractor w/ duals and front mounted blade, more details to come! available December taking orders
New Holland T9.700 Quadtrac 4wd tractor.  real tractor shown in picture! available in Fall taking orders
New Holland Self Propelled swather windrower w/ 3 heads, 50th ann. edition.  2014 Farm show edition, random gold chase versions! in stock $21.00
New Holland Self Propelled swather windrower w/ 3 heads, 50th ann. edition.  2014 Farm show edition, Gold Version, very hard to find! in stock Call
New Holland T8.435 tractor w/ front & rear duals in stock $10.00
New Holland L170 skid loader w/ Dodge pickup and trailer  NEW!   $20.00
New Holland Haying set w/ T7.270 tractor w/ FWA, small square baler, hay rake, haybine, and bale throw wagon  NEW!   $28.00
New Holland SP 365F self propelled sprayer with 120' boom, New!   $19.00
Versatile 550 Delta Track 4wd tractor Taking orders---Avail. in early Fall $12.50
Versatile 290 tractor with single tires on Pete 367 Versatile Dealer Straight Truck In stock $12.50
Versatile Versatile 310 w/ duals on front & rear, NEW!   $8.50
Versatile  500 4wd tractor w/ duals, very nice!                     $13.00
Versatile 500 4wd hauling set, semi tractor has Versatile decals and 500 has single flotation tires   $19.00
Versatile Versatile dually pickup, F350 Ford model   $7.00
Versatile Custom RT490 combine, comes with 12 row corn head & 30' platform $75.00  
Versatile Custom 4wd tractors w/ duals, very nice and all of them have flotation duals

Models are 555, 835, 855, 875, 895, 935 & 950

$47.00 each  
Versatile 1150 4wd tractor w/ duals, Very nice detail!  NEW!   $46.00
Versatile 1150 4wd tractor w/ triples, Very nice detail!  NEW!   $52.00
Versatile 935 4wd tractor, 2011 National Toy Show tractor, very nice!    $42.00
9700_PTO1.jpg (14638 bytes) Ford 9700 w/ PTO $20.00 $34.00
9700_noPTO1.jpg (9356 bytes) Ford 9700 no PTO $20.00  
Ford 9700 w/ PTO & "DOME RIMS"  one of the hardest 1/64 tractors to find!     out  
Ford 9700 no PTO on die cast card, very hard to find on this card!   out
Ford 9700 playset, Very hard to find!
Box is not perfect!
tw_20.JPG (157086 bytes) Ford TW-20   $8.00
Ford TW-20 farm set w/ plow wagon & baler
Hard to find!
Ford TW-20 hauling set, very nice old set!   $48.00
tw35_blue.JPG (132942 bytes) Ford TW-35 blue stripe on decal   $7.00
Ford TW-35 blue stripe and wagon set $18.00
Ford TW-35  1991 Pennsylvania farm show,   Rare!   out
Ford TW-35 on Young Farmer package, hard to find!   $12.00
tw35_reddecal.JPG (152186 bytes) Ford TW-35 red stripe on decal   $7.00
Ford TW-35 red stripe on decal, French card   out
tw25_redwduals.jpg (7261 bytes) Ford TW-25 red stripe w/ duals   $13.00
tw35_redFWA.jpg (11042 bytes) Ford TW-35 red stripe FWA   $10.00
tw35blue_loader.jpg (9975 bytes) Ford TW-35 blue stripe w/ loader   $10.00
tw35red_loader.jpg (9999 bytes) Ford TW-35 red stripe w/ loader   $12.00
ford4.jpg (10236 bytes) Ford TW-35 w/ Baler set, "88 Parts Fair RARE   $28.00
Ford TW-35 w/ Baler set   $18.00
Ford farm set w/ tractor, skid loader, haybine, baler   out
Ford farm set w/ tractor, haybine, baler & forage harvester, very hard to find.  Box is not perfect but toys are.   out
Ford TW-35 farm set w/ baler wagon and plow   $35.00
Ford TW-35 farm set w/ 2 tractors,  baler, wagon, plow & disk
Very hard to find!
ford6.jpg (9929 bytes) Ford TW-35 Blue Stripe Power Pull   $4.00
ford24.jpg (12149 bytes) Ford 8730 1st one black fender, big decal Rare! $20.00  
Ford 8730 hauling set   out
Ford 8730 hauling set with first mistake 8730's on it, Very hard to find! out  
Ford 8730 Royal Ag Pavillion, Toronto Canada  #6   out
8730_rowcrop.jpg (16877 bytes) Ford 8730 row crop   $8.00
8830_fa.jpg (20102 bytes) Ford 8830 front assist   $8.00
8830_duals.jpg (15619 bytes) Ford 8830 duals   out
8730_loader.jpg (18559 bytes) Ford 8730 w/ loader   $8.50
Ford 5640 rops w/ loader   out

6640_rops.jpg (7873 bytes)

Ford 6640 rops   out
Ford 7740 w/ front assist & rops, very hard to find!   $11.00

Ford 7740 w/ loader   out

7840.jpg (8376 bytes)

Ford 7840    $7.50
Ford 7840, 1994 Parts Expo tractor, very hard to find!   $40.00

7840_dualsrops.jpg (8368 bytes)

Ford 7840 w/ duals and rops   $10.00
8240fa.jpg (8953 bytes) Ford 8240 front assist   $10.00
8340_duals.jpg (17190 bytes) Ford  8340 w/ duals $8.00 $12.00
ford13.jpg (12072 bytes) NH 7840 with Loader   $14.00
NH 7740 DOT yellow w/ mower, NEW!   $13.00
8770.jpg (24266 bytes) Ford Genesis 8770 $9.00 $12.00
8870_fa.jpg (34272 bytes) Ford Genesis 8870 front assist   $17.00
Genesis 8870 FWA semi hauling set
             Hard to find!
ford23.jpg (13723 bytes) Ford Genesis 8870 FWA, Dealer flatbed hauling set, has old ford decal on tractor & New Holland Decal on truck

Hard to find!

Ford Genesis 8970 FWA and duals, very hard to find w/ Ford decal! $25.00 $30.00
ford26.jpg (14332 bytes) Ford Genesis 8970 collector edition in box     $18.00
8770.jpg (24266 bytes) NH Genesis 8770   $12.00
NH Forage set with 8770, chopper, forage wagon, silo bower & blue silo.  Very hard to find!   out
NH Genesis 8870 FWA   out
NH Genesis 8870 hauling set   out
NH Genesis 8970 FWA and duals   $16.00
NH 8970A with FWA & rear duals - comes with 8970A on the tractor and a decal sheet that includes an 8670A, 8770A, and 8870A decal   out
NH TG210 haying set w/ haybine, rake, bale throw wagon & baler, very hard to find!   $48.00
NH TG 255 dual front assist & duals on rear, 2003 farm show edition, Nice!   $15.00
NH TG255 w/ front assist   $9.00
ford14.jpg (14073 bytes) NH TG 285 Coll. Ed. Duals and dual FWA   $14.00
NH TG285 w/ duals and grain cart   $20.00
NH TG 285 w/ singles and J & M grain cart, Nice!   out
NH TG275 front assist & duals w/ SP580 16 row planter out
NH TG305 front assist & duals w/ ST740 tillage tool, Very sharp looking tractor! $18.00
NH Decades set w/ 8670 & T8040 tractors   $16.00
NH T7030 w/ mixer mill   out
NH NH T8020 tractor w/ chopper and silage wagons   out
NH NH T8040 w/FWA & flot. duals with J & M Grain Cart   $19.00


  NH T8040 w/ batwing mower    
NH NH T8050 w/ duals on front & rear, comes w/ tandem axle sprayer   $13.00


NH T8.390 tractor w/ front assist & duals   $9.50


NH T8.420 tractor w/ duals on front & rear   $9.50
NH T7.235 tractor w/ duals & front assist   $9.00
New Holland T8.435 tractor w/ front & rear duals in stock $10.00
NH BB9060 tractor w/ large square baler, 2012 Farm Progress Show   $20.00


NH TJ530 & TG305 dealer edition set, very nice $21.00
NH TJ530 & TG305 tractor set, Phoenix launch edition from 2006, 1/1500 Very hard to find!


NH Set w/ T7060 T9060 T8050, nice set!   $24.00
NH Set w/ T7060 T9060 T8050, This is the very hard to find muddy version   $40.00


NH T7040 2007 Farm Progress Show edition   $8.50
NH T7070 Power command tractor, 2010 Farm Progress show   out
Ford FW-30 4wd   out
Ford FW-40 4wd tractor w/ duals, NEW!   $11.00
Ford FW-60, new style, very nice   out

FW-30,  2013 Grinnell Toy Show edition, 1 of 40


fw60_grey.jpg (9543 bytes)

Ford FW-60 grey rims $40.00



fw60_white.jpg (11442 bytes)

Ford FW-60 white rims $35.00




ford7.jpg (8414 bytes) Ford 846 1989 Farm Progress Show   $30.00
ford19.jpg (6940 bytes) Ford 976 1990 Farm Progress Show   $30.00
Ford 1991 Farm Progress Show   $32.00
Ford 1992 Farm Progress Show   $32.00
Ford 1993 Farm Progress Show   $32.00
ford8.jpg (12437 bytes) Ford 846 1994 Farm Progress Show   out
ford9.jpg (11310 bytes) Ford 946 1994 Farm Progress Show, hard to find!   $45.00
ford10.jpg (6694 bytes) Ford 846 1989 Nashville Dealer Meeting   $22.00
ford11.jpg (5075 bytes) Ford 876 1990 Boston dealer meeting   $22.00
846_4wd.jpg (5535 bytes) Ford 846  4WD   $28.00
976_4wd.jpg (10167 bytes) Ford 976  4WD $32.00 $36.00
976_4wd.jpg (10167 bytes) Ford 876 4WD  $25.00 $28.00
Ford 876 odd card   $33.00
976_4wd.jpg (10167 bytes) Ford 946 4WD   $38.00
Ford 846 1988 Nashville dealer meeting, gold plated Rare! out  
Ford 876 tractor, 1990 Boston Dealer meeting, Gold plated, Rare!  Card not perfect but nice!   $190.00
Ford 9880 1996 farm progress show, Rare!   out
Ford 9880 Agriland Expo 1996, Very Hard to find!   out
NH 9384 w/ duals   $20.00
ford16.jpg (12395 bytes) NH 9384 1999 Farm Progress Show   $24.00
ford17.jpg (8222 bytes) NH 9682 w/ triples 1997 Orlando Dealer Meeting   $36.00
ford18.jpg (12505 bytes) NH 9682 with triples   out
NH 9882 w/ duals   $28.00
NH 9882 duals 1998 farm show   out
Buhler Custom made 4wd w/ Buhler 2425 decals on it!  $38.00  
NH TJ 375 2001 farm show w/ triples   $22.00
NH TJ 425 w/ duals   $18.00
NH TJ 450 w duals and new style decal   out
NH TJ 450 2001 dealer meeting w/ flotation duals   $23.00
NH TJ 500 w/ triples Farm Progress show 2004   out
NH TJ530 4wd tractor w/ cultivator, hard to find!   $30.00
NH T9060 4wd tractor w/ triples   $10.00
NH NH T9.670 4WD tractor & air drill set.  Tractor has GPS, glass windows, removable front weights, rear hydraulics, light bars comes with P2070 Air Seeder (70 ft.) & P1060 Air Cart   $42.00


NH T9.560 w/ duals 4wd tractor   $10.00
NH T9.615 4wd tractor, 2011 farm progress show edition, nice!   $18.00
NH T9.615 4wd tractor, 2011 farm progress show edition, Blue metallic chaser unit, very hard to find!m   out
NH T9.615 4wd tractor w/ flotation duals   $15.00
NH TV6070 Bi-Directional tractor w/ loader, slightly smaller than 1/64 but a very nice toy!   $10.00
NH TV6070 Bi-Directional tractor, industrial version w/ loader, slightly smaller than 1/64 but a very nice toy!   out
Buhler Versatile comes with decals to make  5 different models, hard to find!   out
Versatile 145 4wd tractor w/ no cab, St Louis toy show edition, hard to find!   out
Versatile 1080 Big Roy, field version, nice toy   $55.00
Versatile 1080 Big Roy, Museum version, very nice!   $55.00
Versatile 935 4wd tractor, 2011 National Toy Show tractor, very nice!   $42.00
Versatile 895 Versatile

Butcher Toys, Wheeler Michigan Farm toy show 1990,

Very hard to find!

26.jpg (9337 bytes) Versatile 900 w/ triples Dakota Fest 1997   out
Versatile 836, 876, 936 set w/ flotation singles,  very hard to find!
Have 1 set for sale, mint toys but no package!


936 with single flotation tires, hard to find!  out
Versatile 836 or 876 with single flotation tires, hard to find!   $45.00
Versatile 876 with single flotation tires, hard to find! out  
Versatile 836 w/ single flotation tires, hard to find!   $55.00
18.jpg (13142 bytes) Versatile 936 1st ed duals (red/black)   $30.00
19.jpg (13021 bytes) Versatile 876 1st ed duals (red/black)   $30.00
20.jpg (13912 bytes) Versatile 836 1st ed duals (red/black)   $30.00
25.jpg (13472 bytes) Versatile Versatile 936 reg ed duals (red/black)   out
25.jpg (13472 bytes) Versatile 876 reg ed duals (red/black)   $40.00
25.jpg (13472 bytes) Versatile 836 reg ed duals (red/black)   $40.00
Versatile 936 duals (red/black, all white card, odd!   $45.00
22.jpg (9922 bytes) Versatile 836 1988 Reno Dealer Meeting   $30.00
24.jpg (17556 bytes) Versatile 1986 Alleman Farm Show Set 836,876,936 only have 876 currently in stock $40.00
Versatile 846, West Brooklyn farm show edition, hard to find!   $55.00
Versatile 876 Sun Belt Expo, 1988.  Very hard to find! out  
21.jpg (10572 bytes) Ford/Vers 836 duals (red/black) ford decal   $34.00
21.jpg (10572 bytes) Ford/Vers 876 duals (red/black) Ford decal   $34.00
21.jpg (10572 bytes) Ford/Vers 936 duals (red/black) Ford decal   $38.00
Ford/Vers 936 duals (red/black) Ford decal, on blue card, odd!   $42.00
Versatile pull combine 1st edition   out
Versatile pull combine on white card, odd & hard to find!   $38.00
Versatile pull combine, 1986 Louisville show $22.00  
Versatile pull combine, 1986 Alleman farm show sold
Versatile 4700 swather, Winnipeg intro 1988 out
Versatile 4700 swather regular edition,   out
Versatile 4700 swather, lemon colored cab top   out
Ford Versatile 4750 Swather, lemon colored cab top, Hard to find!   out
New Holland Self propelled swather, very hard to find, these never came in a package, has some paint chips on cab top. sold  
Fordson Super Major, Matchbox King size tractor, Excellent shape, hard to find!   $40.00
Fordson Trailer, Matchbox king size to go behind above tractor, Very nice!   $18.00
Ford English Fordson, on steel, plastic body   $7.00
Ford English Fordson, on rubber   $6.00
Ford English Fordson on steel, gold plated 1994 parts expo, hard to find!   $24.00
901.jpg (21042 bytes) Ford 901   $5.00
Ford 901 gold plated, special edition $16.00
4000.jpg (22971 bytes) Ford 4000   $11.00
Ford 4000 Industrial   $10.00
Ford 681 workmaster   out
Ford 5000 super major tractor, Rare!   $9.00
Ford 5000 super major tractor, package says 9N   $17.00
5000.jpg (24945 bytes) Ford 5000   $9.00
ford15.jpg (10503 bytes) Ford 5000 National Farm Toy Museum #10   $10.00
8n.jpg (20205 bytes) Ford 8N   $10.00
Ford 8N gold plated tree ornament   $8.00
Ford 8N w/ 1950 pickup, very nice set   out
Ford 640 tractor w/ 1955 Ford panel truck, nice set!  NEW!   $12.00
Ford 650 tractor w/ hay rake   $13.00
golden_jubilee.jpg (24886 bytes) Ford Golden Jubilee   $10.00
Ford Golden Jubilee, Gold Plated, hard to find!   $22.00
Ford 9N holiday tractor w/ snow on it   $8.00
9n.jpg (17057 bytes) Ford 9N   $9.00
ford25.jpg (13983 bytes) Ford 9N museum #6   $8.00
2000.jpg (24128 bytes) Ford 2000   out
NAA.jpg (23142 bytes) Ford NAA   $12.00
Ford 860 w/ barge wagon   $12.00
Ford 8000 w/ NF 2004 toy show edition   out
Ford 8000 w/ NF, hard to find!   $17.00
Ford 4 pc set w/ 901, 8N, NAA & 7840 w/ duals   out
Ford 4 pc historical set w/ F, 8N, super major & 981, Hard to find   $21.00
backhoe.jpg (36116 bytes) Ford Backhoe   out
NH ST740 mulch tiller Nice!   $14.00
NH SP580 16 row planter   $38.00
NH Field Cultivator w/ folding wings   $30.00
Ford Anhydrous Tank   $13.00
Ford Anhydrous tank, mini toy   $11.00
field_sprayer.jpg (21658 bytes) Ford Field Sprayer   $9.00
6bottomplow.jpg (22490 bytes) Ford 6 bottom plow   $20.00
ford22.jpg (11320 bytes) Ford Minimum Till Plow $15.00  
Ford Wing Disk   $14.00


ford21.jpg (10738 bytes) Ford Gravity Wagon   $15.00
barge_wagon.jpg (17819 bytes) Ford Barge Wagon   $11.00
Ford Round Baler $12.00 $15.00
Ford 3 point hitch tractor accessories set w/ snow blower, sprayer, blade and sickle mower, hard to find!   out
ford27.jpg (10699 bytes) Ford Liquid Spreader   $8.00
ford28.jpg (5535 bytes) Ford Manure Spreader   $8.00
Ford Manure Spreader, black gear   $9.00
ford30.jpg (9339 bytes) Ford Flatbed trailer $10.00 $13.00
ford29.jpg (9598 bytes) Ford Dry Fertilizer Spreader, w/ blue decal   $12.00
Ford Dry Fertilizer Spreader, w/ red decal   out
Ford Mini-Auger Wagon w/ black gear   $12.00
Ford Mini-auger wagon w/ blue gear   $10.00
Ford Hayrack   $7.00
Ford Short Grain Auger   out
NH Combine w. maroon stripe   $30.00
NH TR97 combine   $23.00
NH TR98 combine, hard to find!   $75.00
NH CR960 combine   $22.00
NH CR960 w/ gold color paint, wrong color, harder to find!   $27.00
NH CR970 collector combine w/ duals   $44.00
NH CR970 w/ duals, dealer edition 2002 Dealer introduction.  Gold box.  Toy and box serial numbered 369/800   VERY RARE!   out
NH CR970 w/ duals, 2005 farm show   $62.00
NH CR9070 combine w/ duals, nice detail, 12 row head, 30' platform   $23.00
NH CR9070 combine, 2011 National FFA Convention special edition, 1 of 50 made!  Very hard to find!   out
NH CR9080 Combine with flotation tires and 12 row and 30' heads - 35th Anniversary. NH Twin Rotor decal on combine   $32.00
NH CR9080 Combine in enclosed box, only 1000 made and only sold at the larger farm shows, Hard to find!   $35.00
NH Past & present combine set w/ TR88 and CR9040 combines, nice set   $48.00
NH CR8090 combine   $23.00
New Holland CR9090 combine w/ grass mural on side, 2013 farm show edition!  Very nice! NEW!   $23.00
New Holland CR9090 combine, 2013 farm show edition, blue chaser version w/ chrome rims!  Very nice! NEW!   $180.00
NH T7050 tractor, CR9070 combine, 8060 windrower 60th anniversary FFA set, 2008   $38.00
NH HW345 Self propelled windrower w/ discbine and sickle head   $14.00
NH HW365 Self propelled discbine, Collector edition w/ 36' draper head and 18' discbine.  Also has lights, mirrors and handrails   $38.00
NH H8060 self propelled windrower   out
NH H8080 self propelled windrower   $13.00
NH NH FR9080 SP Forage Harvester with forage wagons - 2 detachable heads, 1 windrow and 1 corn head that folds, 2 forage wagons, movable feeder housing, pivoting discharge spout.  VERY NICE SET!   out
New Holland FR9080 Self Propelled forage harvester w/ 2 heads, mint toy, no box! out
New Holland SP 365F self propelled sprayer with 120' boom, New!   $19.00
NH Big square baler, comes with 4 bales, very nice!  NEW!   $9.50
NH Mower conditioner, swinging tongue, custom made, nice toy! $34.00  
NH 16 wheel high capacity wheel rake, custom made, Nice!   $43.00
haybine.jpg (16076 bytes) NH Haybine-old style, hard to find!   $14.00
NH Square baler, BC5070 comes with square hay bales   out
square_baler.jpg (13992 bytes) NH Square Baler   $6.00
squarebaler_50.jpg (17539 bytes) NH Square Baler  50th Anniversary   $5.00
squarebaler_100.jpg (16133 bytes) NH Square Baler 100th Anniversary, hard to find!   $12.00
NH Tandem fold wing disk, 32 foot, very nice   out
NH Tandem disk harrow, 34' w/ leveler, very nice   $13.00
NH Center fold disk, 24 foot   $6.00
NH Manure Spreader   $7.50
NH silage blower   out
NH V-tank spreader   out
NH Forage Wagon $8.00 $10.00
NH Forage Wagon,  grey roof, hard to find $8.00 $13.00
NH Forage Chopper w, hay & silage head

Hard to find!

$24.00 $30.00
roundbaler_660.jpg (21049 bytes) NH Round Baler 660   $7.00
baler_partsexpo1991.jpg (17385 bytes) NH Round Baler 660 parts expo 1991   $10.00
baler_664.jpg (19056 bytes) NH Round Baler 664   out
NH Round Baler 688   $14.00
NH BR7090 w/ 6 bales, NICE!   $9.00
ford1.jpg (12400 bytes) NH Mixer Mill   $11.00
ford2.jpg (11323 bytes) NH Hayrake   $13.00
Ford Parts semi-Old
Toy is perfect, box is not
Ford New Holland 50th ann. semi all diecast out  
Ford parts semi, all diecast   out
Ford parts semi, plastic trailer   $16.00
Ford F-250 dealer pickup, Ford decal   $6.00
NH Ford F-250 Dealer pickup, New Holland decal   out
NH Dodge pickup, hard to find!   out
NH Dodge 2500 pickup w/ graphics   $7.50
ford3.jpg (9952 bytes) NH LS 170 Skid Loader   out
NH LX665 skid loader, very hard to find!   $22.00
NH NEW! 1/50 DC180 bulldozer, very nice   out
NH Old skid loader on Mighty mover card   out
ford5.jpg (4918 bytes) NH Old Skid Loader   $13.00


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